Monday, February 22, 2010

Selamat Pengantin Baru...

Dis n3 is specially dedicated to Kaknur and Abang Mamat...

Selamat pengantin Baru to both of you...(kak,u look sooooo gorgeous dat day...ehehe)

Haaa...special utk akak n abg mamat,bunny wat n3 nih semata2 nk tmbh collection n3 utk dis year..hahahaha...eh3...ter'honest plak..huhu...i wrote this dedication for both of u sempena akak n abg mamat melangkah ke dunia baru..ehehe

To akak,

i noe u have been through so many things before..but u managed to handle everything eventho kami adik-adik2 kne menyaksikan beberapa buah phones dikorbankan ke dinding...kne dgr akak marah2...kne be wif u dlm suke n duke..but...we love u soooo much! Personally,bunny rasa pertemuan akak n abang mamat is unique in a way u have search for many guys from around malaysia (hahaha..yo yo ooo) but he is just there in is ur schoolmate! (based on Albita's story mory..kekeke)

You are sooo sweet dat day..i can see u smile from ur heart...may happiness always wif you! Take a good care of him..jgn garang2..(remember 'the secret') ehehehe...u noe dear sis, i'll always noe that u r a wonderful sister for us..

To abang mamat,

Hurm...xdek ape nk flashback psl abg mamat..but,just take a good care of her..accept her the way she is...coz she is special in her own to her nicely..attend her when she need you...listen to her when she wants to say something...err...i think i dun have to pesan bnyk2 coz i dun want u to wonder y i dunnot marry her in the first place..hahahah...ape la bunny mengarut nih!

Anyway, to both of you...Selamat melangkah ke alam baru...semoga bahagia hingga hujung nyawa...we,ur sisters...pray for your happiness..

P/s:creadit to all cameraman yg telah ku curik gmbrnye..huhu...(tq Mr.Nasir for da 1st pic)

Monday, February 8, 2010

My 24-year-old Dearie...

You are 24???? Happy Belated birthday dear...yeah..i noe..i noe i'm late...sorry for my late n3 dear...This is one special n3 for you...enjoy..


First, he is sooooooooooo sweet...

Second, he loves to eat...ehehe...lots!!

Remember this is yours??? =)

Third, he loves singing...(he got nice voice too..err..atleast for my ears..huhu)

Forth, he makes me smile and laugh funny la dear!

Fifth, he is a smart guy..

Sixth, he is his beautiful mum's son..

Seventh, he is my greatest friend of all...

Last but not least...He is my Hubby-to-be..thanks dearie! matter who you you are...I just love you the way you are..You don't have to be somebody else to make me happy..

So, on your 24th birthday...i would like to wish you all the best in life, prosperous in your own happy always..and thanks for being my most wonderful friend and partner! May Allah bless you and gives you good health! =)

Love you,
-Ur little Bunny-