Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a day....(sigh)

8 Mac 2009..I am 22 years and 9months today...The start of the day went okay..gud..but towards the end..i don't feel good anymore. Can't reveal why, just feeling lousiness in me..Thinking that i might be the reason for hurting one heart or be the reason for disappoinment in a person's life..i just don't know wt to think..Hurm..can't blame anyone either bcoz wt had happen is already written to happen. We might feel regret for something and we keep on blaming ourselves as well as faith..but it won't change anything..obviously..*sigh*

Think +vely? Yeah..counselors might ask us to do that but action is far too hard than words. I was really attracted to a quote from a person who seems to know that people can say and ask us to do anything but they don't really have the empathy on how we are struggling to do it. He said "It is hard to think positively and some people failed to do it...but we can be positive when we stop to think negatively"

For people who might get into problems (regardless of any reasons) stop thinking negatively...everybody may involves in problems...but it doesn't means that we should give it up easily, i am reminding myself as well..

Frankly, i feel like throwing myself far..far away from this life. i want to run away from people who might think that i am the reason for them to feel worthless, disappointed,unhappy,embrassed etcetera. I just want everybody to be doesn't matter if my heart is crying silently inside coz my tears worth for nothing.



Ismafardi Ismail said...


Nurul Rushdi said...

Don't have to say sorry dear..
If you think that you are all alone,you are totally wrong bcoz..if there will be nobody in the world to be ur company, remember that u'll never lose me..

Chewaahh! ehe..
Cayam awak =)